Introduction to INVO

INVO Intravaginal Culture

INVO is a recently FDA-approved method of IVF which uses an intravaginal culture (IVC) to accomplish similar results to traditional IVF at a fraction of the cost, in addition to several other benefits. As IVF is commonly not covered by insurance, the massive reduction in cost with the development of this technique should make treatment much more available for couples with infertility issues.



Egg and Sperm are combined in a culture in a cone-shaped inner vessel.
Inner vessel is placed inside the outer cell.
Entire device is placed inside the vagina, where it stays for 72 hours for embryo development.
Best embryos in the culture are selected and implanted for development into a baby.

Advantages Compared to Traditional IVF

Cost reduced by 50% or more in most cases.
Similar success rates in addition to being more affordable.
Couples get to feel more involved in the fertilization process since it occurs within the woman's body, also giving it a more natural appeal, compared to embryos being incubated far away from the couple in a laboratory as in traditional IVF.


INVO, as a new treatment, is only currently available in a few fertility centers throughout the country.

Procreate Fertility Center in Chesapeake, Virginia is the first fertility center to offer INVOcell in Hampton Roads. Dr. Christian Perez is a pioneer in this revolutionary technology, with Procreate being the first center in the state to achieve a successful pregnancy with INVO.

It is our goal to make infertility treatment more affordable and accessible to families by offering IVF with INVO.

Below is a map showing the locations of clinics in Virginia and neighboring states offering INVO. (Procreate Fertility Center in red)


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