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If you were to imagine history’s greatest artists, many come to mind: Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Rembrandt, or maybe even Monet. When you imagine these artists, you picture them with a paintbrush in hand feverishly casting strokes on a canvas. A couple years ago, Charlie and I traveled to Florence and visited to Uffizi. (I have a small obsession with the Medici family and Renaissance art) As we strolled through the exhibits I was in complete awe of the remarkable masterpieces many of the artists created.
At the time, I did not know that these artists were insignificant to a man I would later meet in person. A true artist. One with Michelangelo’s boundless passion, Picasso’s avant-garde ambition and Da Vinci’s impressive ingenuity to bring new innovative methods to the world. My artist, however, does not use a paint brush. My artist uses a scalpel.
His name is Dr. Christian Perez.

Before I dive into the amazingness that is Dr. Perez, let’s take a step back and talk fertility. There are women who have trouble getting pregnant. It sucks but it’s a fact. Fertility should not be a silent battle, especially when amazing talent is so close to home. I know some of you are thinking “Fertility places are SO weird!” Maybe some are but I can promise you that The New Hope Center is not. It is not awkward, cold or gloomy. It is very zen, comforting and cheerful. It is where miracles happen. Most importantly, it is where Dr. Perez practices.

My path to meet Dr. Perez came after my traumatic birth experience, which left me wondering if I could ever had another baby again. When I first met Dr. Perez it was very evident that he had an astonishing amount of knowledge. By the end of my first visit with him, I knew more about fertility than I had spent an entire year googling. He made me feel completely at ease and relaxed. I forgot he had numerous other patients because he was completely focused on me and my path. I never felt rushed at any of my appointments. He went to great lengths to describe processes and options. He took the time to explain the answers to any questions Charlie and I had. It is clear that he cares passionately for each of his patients. That does not stop him from telling you the truth even when it may be hard to hear. When I received a low AMH score I FREAKED out. In my head I had one good egg left and was nowhere near ready to have another baby. The thought of another Charlie Jr. walking around still has me reaching for a valium. When I emailed him to say “I need to save my last egg” he took the time to email me back explaining that AMH score is only one factor in fertility but I needed to be aware that I didn’t have an abundant amount of time. It was not what I wanted to hear but the way he softly lets you know things are not going you way eases the blows.

I also remember going for a dye test to check the functions of my tubes. I thought it was going to be worse than my OB appointments. Surprisingly, it was less awkward than going in for a pap smear even with the added person who was also looking at my lady parts. Dr. Perez sensed I was uncomfortable and took the time to just sit and chat with me before starting the procedure.
My journey with Dr. Perez even got me studio time with him in an operating room where my uterus could be his canvas. When it was time for my surgery, I was nervous because of the day Colin was born. I don’t talk about my birth story because it is depressing BUT I will share that after bleeding for 5 hours I was taken to an operating room where I stared at the operating light begging them to put me under instead of waiting for Charlie. For about 3 months after coming home from the hospital I would wake up in a panic remembering that light. So here I was again, on a similar table. As I laid their being hooked up to all sorts of tubes, I saw the operating light. It was a different hospital but the emotion was the same. I was terrified and had to leave. There was no way I wanted even a small chance to bleed out and die. Not again. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw him. I saw my artist getting ready to work and I felt…safe, relaxed, and relieved. This was not just any surgeon, it was Dr. Perez.

I will spare you the detail of my uterus but I will tell you I keep a picture of it on the fridge. The incisions he made on my stomach never scared because he stitched them from the inside. Why would do that? Because he is an artist that practices in fertility. As you can see, it is not hard to see why I compare Dr. Perez to the great artists. Every patient he works on becomes living, breathing piece of artwork. He puts his passion, time, talent and knowledge into each of his patients. If you were to ask my who my favorite artist pre-Perez without hesitation I would have said Da Vinci, but now I rather stare at the picture on my fridge than the Vitruvian man.

Does my blog do Dr. Perez justice? No. Not even a little bit. You will never understand the depth of his intelligence, the passion he put into his work or even the amount of time he devotes to each patient until you meet him. He is a modern day artist. One that has the ability to create life when all hope seems lost.

Fertility leaves you questioning a lot of things. I was worried about what the future holds. Can I have another baby? Are my insides safe? Will I need IUI? IVF? How am I going to afford all this crap? Why is my AMH score so low at such a young age? Why doesn’t my fertility clock just stop banging? All this is less stressful because I have a remarkable, one-of-a-kind artist in my corner. Who do you have in yours?

Xo & Hope -Melody
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